Nos dirigeants européens

Karl Morris

General manager and senior vice president of European operations


Karl Morris was appointed CEO of Norbord's European operations in June 2003 and Senior Vice President of European Operations in 2005. Previously, he served for five years as site manager at Norbord's South Molton mill. Before joining Norbord, Karl has worked for 15 years in the area of ​​converting the panel industry, holding positions of responsibility in the operation and management of supply chains before becoming CEO of a group particle board, one of our best customers at the time. Karl holds a degree from the University of Oxford in the UK.



Alan McMeekin

Vice President, Operations and Finance Director


Alan McMeekin joined Norbord in 1999 where he has held senior positions in particular the Financial Controller and CFO positions and logistics. Alan has worked in the areas of engineering and auditing before becoming a qualified accountant. Currently, he has overall responsibility for the operational and financial performance of the four European sites Norbord, which employ over 900 people. Alan is married with two children.


Fred Mcleish

Sales director


Fred McLeish has over 32 years of experience under his belt in the manufacturing sector, including 11 spent in Canada, mainly in the textile field. Norbord He works for over 20 years in management positions in financial divisions, operating and procurement. Currently, as purchasing manager of the group, Fred has overall responsibility for the supply of raw materials, energy, packaging, spare parts and consumables for Norbord's four manufacturing sites; oversees annual expenditure of approximately £ 175 million. Fred is also a statutory director of Norbord.


Steve Roebuck

Director - environment, health, safety and human resources


Steve Roebuck joined Norbord in 1999 and has held management positions, including as technical director of the group and director of health, safety and environmental affairs. Licensed engineer with great experience in the panel and paper industries, Steve holds a bachelor's degree in science and materials technology. Married with two children, he is also an enthusiastic sportsman. It's football coach for young and Director of governing bodies Canoesport Scotland. It is a passionate fan of Manchester United and the English cricket team.



Themia Hastie

Deputy Head - procurement and information technology channel


Norbord Themia Hastie joined in 1999 as a director of information technology for European activities of the group. Themia in 2006 was appointed deputy head of the supply chain and information technology; has overall responsibility for logistics operations in the three production plants panels Norbord. Accumulating a lot of experience as a consultant in information technology, Themia worked in manufacturing, textiles and leisure. Themia is married, with two son.


Steve Carroll

Deputy Head - site Cowie


Steve Carroll graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1983 with a degree in Forest Engineering and Resource Management. His extensive career in the wood products industry Began Later That year and his experience includes Forest Management, Internal Audit and over 21 years in Composite Panels. He Was appointed General Manager at Norbord's Cowie Site in 2012. Steve and his wife, Carole-have two children Who are Attending university in South Carolina.



Guido Kuypers

Deputy Head - site Genk




Jerry Jones

Deputy Head - Inverness website


Jerry Jones joined in 2012. Norbord Jerry HAS over 23 years' experience in composite panels since graduating from Mississippi State University with degrees in Wood Science and Technology and Business Management. Jerry Was appointed General Manager at Norbord's Inverness website in 2012 and Moved His Wife and daughter Becky Faith into the Highlands of Scotland at this time. Jerry and Becky-have --other one daughter living in the states expected to schedule University upon graduating from High School.


Wayne Hovord

Deputy Head - South Molton site


Wayne has been with Norbord Hovord for over three decades. During that time, he has held important positions in the divisions of finance and logistics. He was financial controller for several years on the site of South Molton, before being appointed deputy head. Wayne holds an accounting degree.

The senior sales management team


Maurice Fitzgibbon

Sales manager

Maurice Fitzgibbon joined Norbord in 1992 after spending 12 years at Tarmac Plc. as a sales manager in the Department of roofing products. During his years at Norbord, he saw Norbord products win more and more markets in the UK, supplying many leaders of the trade of building materials sectors, retail DIY, national housing and the manufacture of furniture. In particular the British building materials trade, an area where it has over 30 years of experience. In addition to his role as director of sales, Mauritius is also a member of the board of Norbord's pension fund and an active member of the local council Kings Park in Stirling where he lives.


Andrew Francis

Deputy Head of sales


Andrew Francis joined the team Norbord in 2002. He worked as an administrator for OSB business and as regional sales director for the northern region before assuming his current position. Andrew has over 20 years experience in the building materials industry, dealing retail operations, business and management. Married with two children, Andrew holds a business management certificate and is an associate member of the Institute of Wood Science. It is an enthusiastic amateur mountain bike, ready to embark on trails whenever he can.


Mark Popplewell

Deputy Head of sales


Mark Popplewell joined Norbord in 1992 as General Sales director for value added products manufactured in South Molton. Previously, he has built a strong sales experience in the packaging sector, working for many industries. Mark graduated from Manchester University by picking a degree in business science. This is a strong supporter of local sports clubs.


Linda Hovord

Director - Marketing and Key Accounts


Linda Hovord been with Norbord since 1991 and was named European Marketing Director in 2005. Three years later, his role expanded to the management of key account managers of commercial building materials sector. Linda was also responsible for key accounts of Norbord's retail business segment. Competent and experienced marketing specialist, Linda ran his own agency specializing in communication and marketing strategy, before joining Norbord. She holds a degree in business studies with a specialization in marketing.



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